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Show Your Faith Via Religious Decor Of Your Home

People say “Enter the person's house and you'll know what this person is”. This is really true, as our home is able to show not only our likes and dislikes, but also our character and beliefs. For instance, a religious decor can tell much about Christians, as it reflects their beliefs. If you attentively study the house of your friend who is a believer, you'll notice numerous things telling about his or her belief.

If you're, for example, an Italian Immigrant who has grown up in North Jersey and you decide to visit your friends, you'll scarcely see any holy water fonts on the wall. But what you will see may include the statues of the Blessed Mother or the Sacred Heart of Jesus as well as a full statue of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. These statues are usually found in the living-room. Some people prefer to keep a patron saint statue on their kitchen windowsill. As for the bedroom, you're likely to find a few small statues or knickknack of a religious theme. One can be really impressed seeing a like-sized statue of Jesus standing in the entry foyer.

Very often Christian homes can have a crucifix over the door in almost every room. However, one of the most beautiful religious home decor items is a St. Benedict's cross. This type of crucifix combines a great number of symbolic items. Many people believe that having a St. Benedict's cross over one's doorway will help to keep any evil outside the house.

Some other frequently used religious and inspirational decor items in Christian homes can include such things as wall hangings with wise scriptural verses written on them. Probably, the verse 'As for Me and My House' taken from the Bible (Joshua 24:15) is the most frequently used for home decor. Usually, this verse is located on wall plaques, as well as coffee mugs and even pillows, throws and blankets.

If you wish to improve your spiritual and prayer life it's highly recommended to find and set a prayer corner in your house or apartment. This is the place where you can pray. This should be a very quiet place where other people would not disturb you. Usually, a prayer corner contains the Bible, as well as the statuary of Jesus, the Blessed Mother, or the Saints which will help you to concentrate on prayer. As the practice shows, the proper setting of the prayer corner really helps to improve one's prayer life.

The garden is another place for Inspirational Home decor. This place can be decorated with angels that would guard over homes and front flower beds. You can locate St. Francis with the animals and meek or the Blessed Mother in your garden. These statues will make your gardens an ideal place for prayer as well as for finding peace after a hard working day. In this way, you can even decorate inspirational benches with the scriptural verses. The latter will make your garden suitable for having prayer in.

Don't ignore such spiritual items as bird baths and wind chimes which can be used to decorate your home. You can add life and vitality to your backyard with the help of such items as a St. Francis Birdbaths. They will create a peaceful surrounding in your garden.

If you're a Christian it's important to have some religious items in your home for them to remind you of God's love.